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Western Sunset 'Feathered'

Splash Petal

The term ‘splash petal’ refers to the watercolor edge markings on the petals. As though painted on by a brush, ...
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Cym. Mount Vision 'Andrea'


“Standard” Cymbidium refers to the large-flowered species from the Himalayas and China. These well-loved plants produce large, attractive flowers that ...
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Cym. Devon Gateway 'Jack'


These are plants that I exhibited that received awards from the Cymbidium Society of America (CSA) and/or the American Orchid ...
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Orange Treasure 'Prestige'

Our Hybrids

These are seedlings that were hybridized by Santy Orchids. They are being created to establish new breeding lines and hopefully ...
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Cym. Alida Valli 'Bellissima'


Novelties were established to encourage the development of miniature type cymbidiums, which are not necessarily miniature in growth or flower ...
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Cym. Geno's Gem 'Green Pearl'


Pendulous orchids have spikes that grow downward rather than upright or arching. They gracefully drop below the leaves and surround ...
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Cym. Geno's Gem 'Catcher' S/CSA


Miniature plants must have a known dwarf species in its primary or secondary parentage. The plant and its flowers have ...
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Cym. Isle 'Flamingo'


Peloricism is the term given to the chance mutation where the upper petals or lower half of the sepal petals ...
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Cym. (Gladys Whitesell X pumilum) 'Yellow Charmer'


Orchids are extremely diverse not only in color, size, and bloom shapes, but also in the way they smell. Common ...
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Cym. devonianum 'Big Green' AM/AOS, B/CSA


Plants that can be found in the wild. They can also be hybridized to their own type for the creation ...
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