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Cym Mem. Lena Bauer (Camouflage Candy X Physical Attraction)


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This is a remake of the Mem. Lena Bauer hybrid.  This is a standard hybrid that will result in flowers varying from pinks to whites. The original hybrid produced at least six beautiful, feathered cymbidiums.  We remade this hybrid to produce more feathered cymbidiums.   The original cultivars were used to remake this hybrid to increase the chances for a repeat performance.  These are single growth seedlings in 3.5 inch pots.  They will be ready to pot up into gallons pots later this year.

NOTE: The photo is a picture of Mem. Lena Bauer ‘Pink Feathered’ and Mem. Lena Bauer ‘White Feathered’ from the previous hybrid created at Hatfield Orchids.  It is not a photo of the parents, but two previous siblings of this hybrid. Feathering is NOT guaranteed by this offering, but possible.